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Climbing Wall Matting

Core Climbing supply many safety floor surfaces for climbing and bouldering walls. Including rubber crumb tiles, fold up matting, emergency mats and boulder wall matting.  We also provide a full installation service including site surveys.

Boulder Wall Matting

We provide and install bespoke crash matting for both big and little bouldering walls and anything in between...

Our 300mm matting system is designed for use at commercial bouldering walls.  Our foam has been carefully selected for it's impact absorption and resilience, providing longevity and a consistent landing surface.

The foam is delivered in reversable modular blocks that fit inside vinyl zipped clam shell covers.  Our system is linked with PVC backed strips that have been pull tested to neatly cover the seams, offering a flat and even landing surface.

There are a wide choice of colours available for the covers.  It is even possible to print your wall logo or your sponsors logos onto the PVC.

We are proud to have been chosen to work on a number of the biggest projects in the UK in recent years and we would recommend you talk to some of our customers about their experience.

TCA Glasgow, The Depot Nottingham, Eden Rock, Highball Climbing Norwich, Bloc Bristol, Vauxhall London

Carpet topped Matting System

Our carpet top system can be installed with our bouldering matting system or it can even be retro fitted.  A carpet top will extend the life of the PVC covers and makes for a warmer more comfortable climbing environment.  It has the added benefit of keeping down the amount of airborne dust and is easier to clean.

There are many colours available including bespoke blends for larger projects.

Fold Up Matting

Fold up matting is the perfect solution for climbing walls built in sports halls.  The mats can be fixed to the wall when the climbing wall is not in use.

Rubber Crumb

Rubber crumb has been used for many years below traverse walls in playgrounds or schools as well as top roping and lead climbing walls.  We can provide this in a number of thicknesses depending on the critical fall height required and in colour optoins of black, red, green and blue.

For more information and/or quotes, please contact us so we can discuss the various options.