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VauxWall West Expansion

Dramas Dramas

Matting spec: Blue carpet top, Blue PVC sidewalls.

Wall design and build by Simon Wilson (

It was a bit of a battle getting this matting project over the line! Finding an artic lorry to deliver to London on the Friday before a bank holiday was a real struggle. When I finally thought I had pulled a rabbit out of a hat the haulage company cancelled on the day. Nightmare!!! So the installation had to be rearranged and put back to the following Tuesday in the middle of half term week. This was when we discovered the only possible unloading bay was being taken over couldn’t be used so the BBC’s could film their latest drama “SuperHoe”. Oh well, that’s working in London for you.

Fortunately Tom was able to call in some favors and thankfully he was able to drum up some staff and an army of VauxWall regulars to help get the mats down the road and into the venue. After that it was plain sailing. The job was finished in time for the route setters who came in to set on the Wednesday. Phew!!!

VauxWall West Comp Wall

What’s New the at VauxWall West?

The Gym Arch:

The VauxWall West gym has been expanded! The new gym includes a circuit board, 45-degree splatter board, campus board, fingerboards and an extensive weights and conditioning area.

Within the Gym arch are four new toilets, three individual changing cubicles, an extended locker area and a bigger bike rack.

The Comp Arch:

This new arch features a 25-metre long competition wall covering a huge range of angles and climbing styles. Plus an extra traverse wall.

More to come!

The expansion has created the opportunity to further improve the wall. With plans for the old campus board and circuit board to be converted to more bouldering. The old gym will become a stretching area and the toilet block, lockers and bike rack in the café area will be removed to make a relaxed social space.

I don’t expect it will be too long before we are back down on Lambeth Road. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside Tom and his team and we are looking forward to seeing the next evolution of this very popular centre.

“I’ve worked with Core Climbing since our first London Centre, VauxWall, opened in 2014. The entire customer experience is smooth, starting with a knowledgeable discussion of specification to receiving a quote with a clear break down of elements and a confident approach to measuring, ensuring the matting will be millimeter perfect. Installation is always a team effort and its great for our team to be involved in the graft and learning how the safety matting works. After care is excellent with Steve and Tim always just a call away. We’ve also used Core for replacing existing matting that has reached the end of its life, this is always done in the most economical way, saving components were possible and with the least disruption to the centre, often meaning anti-social working hours. 7 years on and four successful full centre installations I would always recommend Core as the number one provider for bouldering matting. They make great holds too!”

Tom Hull -Regional Manager, The Lakeland Climbing Centre London