Hard Mixed Set 4



Product Description

Mixed set circa Font 7-8 at 45 degrees. Featuring slopers, flat edges, pinches, small crimps and pockets. Lot's of good options for this set, on a standard board there are enough holds here to create 3 boulders. Small mixed sets allow home walls to be set by colour.

Tip - if you have unused holds or no room left for a specific colour, try using a marker pen to draw circles on the holds to create a separate route.

Please note - the difficulty is only a rough guide, holds will feel easier at less steep angles and vice versa. The main thing is that these holds are genuinely useable at the stated angle and grade range, there are no impossible holds in these sets. Boulders can be made easier or harder by moving the holds closer or further apart, changing the hold orientation or using larger or smaller footholds.