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We offer a range of 19 different colours, 14 in our Standard Colour Range and 5 in our fluorescent Bright Colour Range. All our pigments are strong and consistent and have been selected for their long lasting colour and high quality.

The Standard Colour Range

Fully UV stable and can be used on both indoor and outdoor walls.

The Bright Colour Range

Best suited for indoor walls, making for truly eye-catching routes. We do not recommended the use of these fluorescent colours for outdoor walls, because over time bright sunlight will dull the appearance of the holds.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between our brilliant colours- many bespoke patterns can be made using a combination of any of the colours above! Layers and spots are both popular options, please contact us for further information and pricing on these options.

Please bear in mind that the examples given are an approximate representation, as colours vary depending upon different computer monitors. The colour codes supplied are the closest match under control lighting – please note colours can appear visually different under varying light temperatures.

If accurate colour matching is essential, please do get in touch with us so that we may supply you with more details and/or colour samples.

To keep your Core holds nice and bright, please have a look at Technical Stuff, for the correct procedure of cleaning your holds.