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Crash Pads

Since 2021 we have been carefully designing, testing and constantly evolving our range of outdoor bouldering crash pads. After years of manufacturing and climbing knowledge, it all culminated in a well thought through product line using the very best materials available.

made in sheffield

All our sewn products are handmade at the Core Climbing factory in Sheffield, UK. After over a decade of commercial matting experience we decided that it was about time we put our hand to bouldering crash pads. We have sourced the very best materials, locally wherever possible to produce a hard wearing product designed to withstand the difficult UK conditions responsibly and with care.

‘the stack’

The stack system of our outdoor matting series has been designed to securely carry multiple crash pads. Additionally, when the pad is unfolded and on the ground the shoulder straps are covered to keep them out of the dirt. In carry mode the cover folds around the pad to allow other pads to be ‘stacked’ together securely. This feature makes walking in and out of the crag a breeze!

small batches, high quality

Our ability to manufacture all of our products, by hand, in house with our expert machinists gives us complete control over every process. The manufacturing of our crash pads is done in small batches so that we can ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved in every pad.

Technical info

Our pads have been designed with a hybrid-hinge, with a seamless top layer of foam for additional safety. With the added triple-density foam system that has been carefully selected from our in-depth knowledge of foam acquired over a decade of commercial bouldering wall matting.

1100D Cordura ensures that the pads are incredibly tough and are able to withstand years of abrasion against rock, sand and trees.

The fully adjustable chest and waist harnesses allows for additional comfort for anyone of any size. Perfect for those long or steep walk ins.