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We offer a broad range of hold types, in 8 unique styles. Each set of holds, and our volumes, are available in 19 different colours. Alternatively, you can choose 2 or 3 of these colours to create a layered effect. We also offer Mixed Sets of holds from across our ranges and including several hold types, perfect for home walls. Our hold range is continually evolving! Follow us on Instagram or head over to our blog to keep abreast of product launches and get an insight into our design process. Designed, carved and manufactured in Sheffield.


This range is inspired by the sandstone found at St Bees Head on the Cumbrian coast. Millennia of exposure to the eroding processes of wind and water has given this rock a unique appearance. Undulating ripples are occasionally disrupted by shallow depressions where erosion has had a more destructive impact. The texture is classic sandstone, fine-grained and sandy. We’ve captured this character with our comprehensive design process and faithfully rendered it in a range of glass-reinforced plastic volumes and composite castings.Shop Coastal


Our eponymous offering is characterised by rounded forms and smooth textures, all embossed with the Core logo, and each with a symmetrical partner.Shop Core

Down Climb Jugs

A set of 12 jugs, each embossed with a down climb arrow. With a low profile, a compact footprint, a grippy texture and space for two hands, these are perfect for creating escape routes.Shop Down Climb Jugs


This collection is inspired by the holds, textures and aesthetics of Fontainebleau sandstone.Shop Fontainebleau


With the emergence of splash walls and the ‘competition-style’ bouldering, simple shapes and seamless, clean lines have become ubiquitous. Our Geo range is a response to this new design philosophy. Ergonomic and functional, it includes comp-style volumes, training-specific holds, dual-textured riffs on our original sets and everything in between.Shop Geo


This collection is inspired by granite climbing areas such as Kjugekull and Magic Wood. Geometric and angular forms predominate. The texture is fairly coarse-grained, providing moderate friction. Bands of quartz-style protrusions perforate the surface of these holds and volumes, adding aesthetic interest.Shop Granite


This collection takes inspiration from gritstone climbing in the Dark Peak and Yorkshire. Hints of Stanage and Burgage abound in the ripples and breaks that scar the surface of these holds. The texture is hard, coarse-grained and siliceous providing ample friction.Shop Grit


This range offers fun engaging holds designed for kids’ climbing areas.Shop Kids


This range is inspired by Limestone climbing in the White Peak and Sardinia. Offering dimpled surfaces, a characteristic of limestone caused by the natural acidity of rainfall, a smooth texture with very little friction and fossil detailing that adds aesthetic interest.Shop Limestone


The sets in this collection are comprised of holds from several of the Core ranges. They’ve been selected specifically for home walls and boards. Each set contains a diversity of hold types. The approximate difficulty of each set, indicated in the name, is based on a 45-degree board. Each set has unique holds not found in the other mixed sets (the exception being Geo Domes and 20mm/30mm edges).Shop Mixed


Here we’ve put together a list of the sets that we think are most appropriate for setting training boards. This is meant as a starting point. Many of our holds could be used for training but are omitted from this list. For more information on setting training boards, visit our blog.Shop Training

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