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Commercial Matting

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Our Product

Quality Assured

In every aspect of our business we strive for the highest possible quality in all of our products and our matting solutions are no exception.

All Core Climbing Ltd products are designed and manufactured in house in the UK and, wherever possible, our materials are sourced locally.

Independently Lab Tested

Our mats have been Independently lab tested and certified to EN 12572-2:2017

UK sourced fire retardant foam ensures peace of mind

Maintainable Solutions

Our removable carpet top and modular ¾ zipped clam shell matting system enables ease of access to any matting module. Making our system convenient for any maintenance that may be required.

Advanced Technologies

We have invested in the latest surveying equipment, as well as CAD, CAM and automated cutting machinery.

We optimise every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that maximum efficiency of our materials is achieved. This enables us to install your matting the moment the climbing wall is built.

Our expert machinists ensure that every product that leaves our factory is up to the highest standard.

Material Specification


We use only the highest performance PVC available.
Fire rated to the following standards:
M2 / B1 / BS / B-S2-D0 / NFPA
70V1 / CSFM.


Our UK sourced, fire retardant, combustion modified foam has been carefully selected for it’s impact absorption and resilience, providing longevity and a consistent landing surface.

Our PU foam specification and in house lamination techniques ensure longevity and our mats out preform all our competitors products. However that is not the end of the story. At the end of it’s working life our foam can be recycled here in the UK and manufactured into brand new recon foam.

Carpet Tops

Easy to clean, heavy duty, wear-resistant carpets are engineered to meet the stringent demands of any dynamic, busy environment.



“Core have been our trusted partner for matting for the last 8 years. Attention to detail is second to none, installations are meticulously planned and the fit and finish is always top quality. Nothing has been too much trouble and they have delivered on our more novel projects, such as our Manchester roof with a real ‘can do’ approach. The quality speaks for itself.”
Steve Dunning –
The Climbing Depot


“I know people that have done their own matting, and to be perfectly honest it’s not just the money, it’s the amount of time you’d have to spend figuring it out. You’d end up making mistakes. Ultimately, using Core seemed like a no-brainer.”
Richard Wainwright –
BlocHaus (Owner, Designer, Builder).


“We have worked with Core on both new
matting and re matting projects across the TCA sites on a number of occasions now. We are always pleased with the process and outcome.
The Core team is always great to work with and the product is high quality.”
Alan Cassidy –
TCA Business Development Director

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