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Home Wall Matting

Home wall matting system

Our Core home wall system is a slimmed down version of our proven commercial wall matting.
The 200mm thick modules are completely modular and can be arranged and secured together in any orientation.
Measuring at 1190mm x 985mm the cellar board matting system can be installed and moved around easily or stored away when not in use.
Modules available with or without a carpet.

All of our Training board matting systems are completely customizable, for a quote on bespoke Cellar board matting systems get in touch via the ‘Go Bespoke’ button below.

the ‘bundle’

This system has been designed to fit perfectly within the width of a standard sheet of plywood.
Bundle Includes 2 regular modules, 2 chamfered modules with carpet tops and 4 module joins.
This system is fully extendable by adding more modules if your home wall requires it, the chamfered modules provide room for a foot-well in front of the kick-board. Making it perfect for use on steeper boards.

The fully carpeted top ensures a warm and comfortable feel as well as a luxury look.

Technical Info

200mm thick, dual density foam, encased in fired rated 650gsm pvc. carpet topped for warmth and style.