Cellar Board Matting


Product Description

Our Cellar Board matting is a 130mm alternative to our existing 200mm Home Wall matting. Their low profile means they are great for steep boards with low ceilings.
The 130mm Cellar???s have been designed in the same modular fashion as their 200mm counterpart, and can be folded over in either direction when not in use to allow the floor space to be utilised efficiently when not in use.
Encased in 1100D Cordura on the top and 900g PVC on the bottom these mats are not only tough as hell but the PVC base means they will happily sit on damp cellar floors, no problem.


Size – 985mm x 1190mm / Module

Available in single modules or as a set, this modular system can be added to at any stage depending on the size of your training board.

All of our Training board matting systems are completely customizable, for a quote on bespoke Cellar board matting systems get in touch via the link below.

Bespoke Cellar Board Matting